The Thailand Blotter Pt.5

Everybody Does It!

NAKHON SRI THAMMARAT: Feared rapist of women, domestic animals and fruit trees, “Banana Tree Aek”, from the “Fuck Anything That Moves…Or Doesn’t Move” post, was finally taken into custody by police on August 27.

Aekarat Dapngen, 23, was wanted for the rape of several women and animals in Nakhon Sri Thammarat City’s Ton Wah community, where he had been the subject of a month-long manhunt by police and a local vigilante squad. The last reported victim of the sword-wielding glue addict in July, when he raped the mother of a newborn baby.

Aek’s reign of terror ended when officers led by Pol Lt Col Chawasil Bunpradit, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation at Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Police Command, sneaked through woods to launch a surprise raid on a shack in the middle of a field in Tambon Kaphaeng Sao Village 6.

The raid followed reports that the deviant was hiding out in the shack, located about four kilometers from his home.

Cautiously approaching the hovel and peering in, officers saw Aek lying on the floor writing. After spotting the approaching cops, Aek raced across the surrounding field trying to emulate his previous successful escape – when officers were left holding his shirt and trousers while he raced off to freedom in just his underwear. This time Aek was not so lucky. He was tackled in a ditch by a police officer.

Back in the hut, officers found a tin of uncooked rice, some glue and a large knife. Written on the floor in correction fluid were descriptive accounts about what was apparently Aek’s object of desire at the time: cows.

The compositions consisted of sentences such as nong wua na rak jang (younger sister cow how cute you are) and nong wua khon suay (younger sister cow you are a beauty).

On hearing of Aek’s arrest, local villagers rushed out to get a glimpse of the madman who had been terrorizing their community.

Police said that under questioning Aek had confessed to the rape of the young mother and said that he had been hiding in the shack and living off uncooked rice. Asked what had possessed him to rape cows and satisfy himself with banana trees, police said Aek replied, “Everybody does it.”

The Lucky Lottery Bus

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: To most people, a fatal road accident would not be a sign of good fortune to come, but villagers in Dan Khun Thot District were driven to an outburst of lottery fever when they hoped that the remains of bus that had crashed in the area would reveal lucky lottery numbers.

The phenomenon was sparked when a bus from Bangkok to Sri Chiang Mai and an 18-wheeler collided on August 27, killing four people. The remains of the bus were then moved to outside the local police station.

This arrangement soon began to cause problems for officers though, after several local youngsters reported seeing ghosts in the vehicle’s carcass. The superintendent then called in monks to try and appease the restless spirits so that they would rest in peace and not bother the living.

Following the ceremony, word of the haunted bus spread and on August 31 villagers flocked to the police station to note the registration plate and look for other potentially-auspicious numbers on the bus, which they hoped would appear in the next day’s monthly lottery draw.

Many people lit incense and some sprinkled powder over parts of the bus near to where the people who lost their lives had been sitting. Little success was reported though, with the only significant find coming from a young woman who said she had seen the number 58 appear clearly in the powder. The number was duly noted down.

Local gamblers told reporters that underground lottery operators had stopped accepting bets on numbers connected to the bus, including the numbers 164, 785 and 786. Others were apparently taking bets but said they would only pay out half the usual winnings if the numbers came up.

None of the government lottery ticket vendors who rushed to the scene had those numbers available either. They told reporters that someone had already bought all the tickets with the lucky figures on them.

Locals gamblers had to resort to telephoning relatives in other provinces, asking them to buy tickets on their behalf. Duty sergeants on the day, Sen Sgt Maj Pranom Khorsuk and Sen Sgt Maj Praphon Satjasombat said they had been inundated with phone calls asking for the registration number and other information about the haunted bus.

Fittest of the Fittest
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