The Thailand Blotter Pt.6

Cat Burglar Chases Birds

PHUKET: Being a keen rearer of songbirds, 34-year-old Chalong resident Warathep Udomsap would have been used to being woken up by the dawn chorus coming from the bird cages he kept at the back of his house.

At dawn on May 28, however, he was awoken by some much less appealing noises: a loud crash followed by anguished wailing.

As K. Warathep, who owns a secondhand motorcycle shop, was sleeping in his bed that morning, he heard the sound of a roof tile breaking, followed by a loud bang and a panicked scream.

When he went to investigate, he encountered a young man, later identified as 24-year-old Wirat Bangsuri, lying in his front room moaning and crying with pain. K. Warathep promptly called for police to come and remove the unwanted intruder.

K. Warathep told police that Wirat was probably after his collection of more than 10 prize nok krong hua juk, or red-whiskered bulbuls, which he said range in value from 20,000 to 100,000 baht each.

Police believe that Wirat was trying to climb over the roof to get to the birds, which were kept at the back of the house, when he fell through the tiles. On questioning, Wirat admitted that he was indeed after the birds. He was subsequently charged with attempted theft.

The report did not mention the extent of the damage to K. Warathep’s roof nor how serious were the injuries to Wirat, was was generously described in the report as a teen maew, or “cat burglar”. Although his taste for winged prey may have matched that description, his skill at traversing rooftops proved to be anything but feline in nature.

Impromptu Boxing Match

LOP BURI: Not used to being on the receiving end of beatings, officers in Lop Buri’s Baan Pong District Police Station were given a nasty shock when a speed-crazed former World Boxing Association (WBA) flyweight world champion contender stormed into the station in frenzy in the morning of March 5.

Police told reporters that Sgt Maj Ithipol Sawatdee was sitting at the station’s front desk as normal when Somchai “Sin Sor Phlenjit” Sanguanwong burst in in an agitated state.

When asked what he wanted, Somchai shouted at the unfortunate Sergeant Major, comparing him to a male sexual organ before suddenly rushing forward and punching him so hard in the face that he fell off his chair.

Still not satisfied, Somchai laid into Sgt Maj Ithipol until he was left with a fractured arm and a broken finger. At that point Lt Col Surin Saengprethum came in to see what the kerfuffle was all about. Somchai quickly turned his wrath toward the Lieutenant Colonel and began punching him in the face until he went down.

Recovering from the initial shock of anyone daring to enter the lions’ den, 10 officers charged Somchai and managed to subdue him and throw him in a cell. When Somchai had calmed down a little, police got a urine sample from him to test for the presence of drugs. Sure enough, the sample turned purple, showing a positive result for ya bah (methamphtamine).

Police said that earlier in the day, Somchai had beaten up Yupha Sanguanwong, 61, his own mother, until she had blood coming out of her ears and her face was covered in bruises.

From their investigations, police learned that Somchai had previously been a professional Thai and Queensbury rules boxer but had to stop fighting after becoming addicted to ya bah. Police charged Somchai with grievous bodily harm on a government officer carrying out his duty.

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