Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi – Counting Numbers Version #1

After my iPod was on random and played a few songs about numbers consecutively, I decided to keep the theme going and put this set together. Once the cuts in the crates to choose from were sorted, I ended up with way too many for a single set, so, in this first version, the focus is on Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady and Dub vibes. The rule was that the title of the song had to include a number, thus a few instrumental selections are present here and there. Enjoy the journey from one to nineteen and be on the lookout for a second set, culled from a variety of genres, in the future.

Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi – Counting Numbers Version #1, 2011

Counting Numbers Version #1

  1. Chris Murray & The Slackers – One Everything
  2. Cornell Campbell – Two Face Rasta
  3. Trinity – Three Piece Suit
  4. The Skatalites – Four Seasons
  5. The Senior Allstars – Five to Nine (aka Funky Reggae)
  6. Linval Thompson – Six Babylon
  7. Ranking Trevor – Seven the Hard Way
  8. Tommy McCook – Eight Years After
  9. Lucan I – Nine to Five
  10. The Mad Lads – Ten to One
  11. The Skatalites – Kingston 11
  12. Linval Thompson – 12 Tribes of Israel
  13. Purpleman – Thirteen Women to a Man
  14. Cadillac Jones – 14th Street Hustle
  15. The Slackers – Fifteen
  16. The Heptones – Only Sixteen
  17. Dave & Ansel Collins – Stalag 17
  18. Derrick Harriott – Eighteen with a Bullet
  19. Harry Mudie & King Tubby – Nineteen Love in Dub
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