Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi: Now Back Inna Di Echo Chamber

The ridiculously-overextended hiatus has now been suspended and the Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi is officially back behind the controls to provide reels upon reels of vibrations to keep what’s coming out of your speakers sounding proper. I’ve abandoned the chore of splicing everything together for gapless playback purposes, and have, instead, opted for the easy route of simple playlist exports. Besides the streamlined style resulted in one continuous track which is highly frustrating when you wish to listen to a track here and a track there. Gone also is the prize-winning voice of yours truly, The One Nero. Perhaps I’ll drop some commentary here and there, but it’s all about the vibes to be honest. So the whole feel of a radio show is somewhat lacking, but, honestly, who cares. Just download the episodes, crank that volume dial to the far right, appreciate the fact that my commentary doesn’t disrupt the flow, and kick back and enjoy the records. Guidance.

Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi Console

Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi Studios

Breakestra - Lowdown Stank 12"
Top Rankin' Hi-Fi - Last Train To Isaan

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