Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi – Static Impulses of Collapsing Vortices

Man…or Astroman?, one of my favorite bands ever and the band I’ve seen perform live the most in my life (The Woggles and The Robustos following closely behind), is reuniting for a select amount of shows in Atlanta, Birmingham and Austin next month. Read Chunklet magazine’s reunion interview here.

Getting in the mode of thought that I was actually going to be able to attend the shows, I started diggin’ in my limited surf crates and came out with the tunes I’d use to get psyched about it.

Regretfully, I was still in the phase of exchanging records when I was heavily into surf music and many vanished from the crates. I did hang on to my favorites though and was able to recover some via blogs. Hadn’t listened to these tunes in a long time, and, upon revisiting them, it took me back to the days of high school and remembering some of those amazing surf and garage shows at the Wreck Room, Cotton Club (original location on P’tree and 11th), The Point, The Star Bar, Echo Lounge, Somber Reptile, Masquerade, The Bottletree, inside WREK 91.1 FM studios, and the 40 Watt.

Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi – Static Impulses of Collapsing Vortices; 2010

Top Rankin' Hi-Fi - Static Impulses of Collapsing Vortices

Kyle Kinane - Death of the Party
The Sound of Philadelphia

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