Top Ten Giant Panda Lines

In no particular, compiled after repeated listens during A3C weekend back in the ATL. I actually just realized that they were absent in every manner on the Top Rankin Hi-Fi episode that was dedicated to the MC style from A3C. Fuck me. They’ll be present in the Cinco de Mayo inspired Episode 3…..apologies GP. I’m a moron.

1. Don’t ride the bus, I drive a hard bargain!!!
2. and my rap might bust, well let me bust my rap, and that’s like a just cause it’s just like that, thadda tha tha that, that!
3. white people are the sinners…..shame on you white people.
4. who else is gonna smoke menthol cigarettes and make the UPS uniform look fresh…..
5. well it’s the g.i.a..n to the t.p.a.n.d. with the a-ya, we stayin’ on your FM from the am to the pm
6. what’s the case?…… i’m that kid on the corner, up in the trunk of my funk, move a border (album)………wise like a Yoda, I get bread like a toasta (mega mix)….
7. dope as always! dope as always!
8. havin’ fun and if nuthin’ else, it’s just to see ya smile and enjoy yourself….
9. ollie y’all. ollie ollie oxen free.
10. what’s the name of the crew that you came to see, it’s GP y’all. and that’s for real y’all….

Note: No prizes will be awarded for the discovery of any lyrics included above on Giant Panda’s “Fly School Reunion”.

Foy Tawng = Egg Yolk
Tower of Beer

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