Trashcans and Recycling

Trashcans and Recycling. Non-existent would be a good term for this topic. I seriously pondered starting a recycling company here in Phuket, but that would be less about distributing containers, and more about changing an entire civilizations mindset. Impossible. Maybe they sort the trash, but who knows. They go through so many water bottles that it seems hard to believe that they would just let it slide, but it sure seems that way. Its not filthy here at all, but you couldn’t really find a trashcan anywhere…not just in public, but anywhere. That being said, I did apparently I’ve passed by trash cans many times, however, I thought they were little dog houses because there are so many stray dogs here. Turns out they were actually trashcan lids and accompanying bins…Yes, I’m an idiot.

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