Underneath the Smog

Normally, every day I’m glad that I don’t live and work in Bangkok. Smog, traffic, tons of people, higher cost of living…no thanks. However, a few recent events have made me wish that I did…or at least that I was in the area for a short while. So what was going on?

  • Asian Hip Hop Festival headlined by NYC’s finest, Nas.
  • Evening with the king of digging, DJ Shadow at Club Culture.
  • Special session with Zakir Hussain, tabla player extraordinaire.

You spoiled ATL people probably just commented “Wow, three things goin’ down…whateva.” Well, thats about three more than what is normally worthwhile musically that gets imported into the Kingdom.

What’d have been more wicked is if they all collaborated for one night only in the City of Angels. Yeah, impossible for sure. Damn, I forgot to mention that Hoobastank is playing Bangkok also…oh wait, who gives a fuck about Hoobastank. Not I.

Well, overall, I’d like a taste of some quality nightlife, but the tradeoff isn’t worth it and it’s too time consuming and expensive to jet there for a single evening. Guess I’ll just request Steve Miller Band from the same ol’ houseband at the local pub tonite and try to justify that it’s superior. Ugh!

Krung Thep

Ohmega Watts - The Platypus Strut
Nature! Spectacles! Kaboom!

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