Venturing Onward

1. I’m leaving Phuket and moving to Khao Lak in Phang Nga. I decided to take a job as a teacher at The Sarojin resort, and I’ll be moving this weekend. I could write forever on my experience here during the past year, but I’m going to refrain from doing so as it’d end up entirely too verbose. I enjoyed most of my time here in Phuket. Many ups and downs, but that’s the case no matter where you are in the World. There are aspects and places in Phuket that are amazing and, on the flipside, there are aspects and places in Phuket that make this place less and less inviting. The main reason I’m leaving Phuket is that I was given an offer that was too good to refuse. There are certainly more reasons on top of that as to why I am leaving, but regardless of those, Phuket is a great place to live and work. So, I’m headed to a small house out in the mountains with a short drive to the beach, zero access to the amenities and luxuries I have here, a quiet and rural setting, significantly less foreigners and generally more…Thailand. Wish me luck by saying “Choke dee Khun Ryan khap (for the fellas) / ka (for the ladies)”.

Ao Thong


The Sarojin

2. The Super Bowl results made me ill to my stomach and left me staring blankly at my screen for a good while after it was over. I’ll defend the Giants by saying that they deserved to win as they certainly executed in a far better manner than the Patriots did, but did it really have to end with a series of amazing plays. Eli Manning’s spin-away move and subsequent pass which led to David Tyree’s half man-half beast catch was when I knew the game was likely gonna be lost. I just thought the Pats defense wasn’t going to crumble so quickly and get burned on a corner route. Unbelievable game to say the least, but I’m still pissed that the Lombardy trophy isn’t being hoisted in the streets of Boston. Maybe we’ll go 18-0 next year and have a chance to do it over again. Yeah right. Fucking Giants.

3. I came across Stomp and Stammer‘s website the other day and realized one thing I miss for sure from Atlanta. I had been reading their publication since the very first issue which I remember getting at the Book Nook, the real one when it was on the corner of Buford Hwy and Clairmont, when I was a sophomore in high school. The News Leak section remains one of the funniest columns around. What I’d give to be able to go to Willy’s, where I’d always pick it up in recent years, get a Super with grilled tofu, and sit down and crack up at their commentaries.


4. Turned out that asteroid WD5 didn’t impact Mars on January 30th. Bummer! That would have been phenomenal to observe. Once it started to get closer, the odds went from 1 in 25 to 1 in 10,000. Oh well, maybe it’ll happen sometime. Just hope one doesn’t hit Earth first.

5. It was fucking game day all over again the other nite when I went to meet up with some of my friends at a karaoke bar in town. I gave my friend a call and she said to come on down and chill out for a while. So I did…which was a mistake. When I arrived, they were completely hammered and I had not a drop of alcohol flowing through me. It immediately took me back to the days when I’d work my ass off on Georgia Tech game days until late at night and then call up the fellas to meet up and socialize. Upon arriving, it’d always be me being completely sober and surrounded by a gang of drunkards who’d been drinking all day. Annoying as hell. It took me about four or five of those evenings to realize that going home and listening to records was a far superior option. However, I stuck around with my friends the other nite and remained amused the whole time.

6. I bet you’d think I was full of shit if I told you that Cutty Ranks gets played on the regular here in Thailand. Well, it’s true. Of course it is the cut “Limb By Limb” every single time, but that’s a dancehall classic. Even people who don’t know jack about dancehall will recognize the Fever Pitch riddim. ‘Dun-duh-dunt-duh, dun-duh-dunt-duh’. Now, I just need to get these DJs to kill a sound with “Six Million Ways To Die” or “Kill Dem feat. Supercat”. Nuff respect Cutty, keep chopping ‘em down.

7. Guess what came on television a week or so ago. That’s right…The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! What!!! I immediately questioned if I had Comedy Central, but it was actually just being featured on CNN World. Bet you didn’t know that The Daily Show records a Global Edition. Not sure how often they do the episodes, but the most glaring difference was that Jon Stewart curses like a sailor throughout the taping. They bleep it out and all that, but still, it makes for an even more hilarious dialogue.

The International Moment Of Zen was George W. Bush riding a Strander-brand motorized standing-lawnmower that Jon Stewart described as “a device which combines the popularity of mowing your lawn with the fun of standing”. Ha!

8. I watched National Geographic Channel’s ‘Incredible Human Machine‘ two-part series the other day and was left slack jawed. They have only shown the first part so far which focuses on skin, eyesight, breathing, hearing, digestion, and vocals. If you get the chance to watch this, do it! Stunning camera work and insight that is simply mind-boggling and proves that most people walking the Earth take these incredible processes for granted in terms of how unbelievably dynamic they are. I’d go into the details, but I know I’d get all the facts wrong. If you can’t watch the show, then just browse around the website they have for the series.

Holy Fire

9. I have more records than you can shake a stick at and have zero intentions to stop building my collection. However, records get lost rather easily as there is only so much time to listen to music. Some excellent records have to get put on the back burner and depending on the vibes I’m rocking, they might remain back there for an extended period of time.

Top Five Recent Re-Discoveries:

  1. Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days
  2. Har-You Percussion Group – Self-Titled
  3. Nomo – Nu-Tones
  4. Green Day – Dookie
  5. Various Artists – Samba Funk, MPB and Other Illicit Brasilian Grooves

10. Do you know where the phrase “shake a stick at” originated? I didn’t, but now I do. Well kinda, as there is some speculation regarding its exact origins.

11. Scored an advance copy of Guilty Simpson’s Ode To The Ghetto which is set to be released on March 25th. I love GS on his Jaylib cut, his Now-Again 7″ with The Heliocentrics, his many J-Dilla collaborations, his track with Black Milk, and a few other slices. However, when it comes to a full album of Guilty Simpson, it starts to get repetitive rather quick. I’ve only given it a listen or two, so maybe it’ll be a grower, but I doubt it. Regardless, the album cover is fuckin’ stout.

The Ode

12. Nobody sent me The Selmanaires The Air Salesmen, but luckily somebody out there decided to share it. Haven’t listened to it yet since I just got it today, but I’m looking forward to it. Grab it if you want it.

13. Somebody please tell me if they are seeing a grey box appear in the ‘DJ Alibi’ post. I literally spent an hour trying to get this random box to disappear, however, it didn’t work. Every time I load the page it shows up on top of the ‘Four Days In Geneva’ album cover. Well, if you could be so kind, let me know if you see it there. First comment, my brother thinks I am crazy because, when asking him during troubleshooting, he said he cannot see it in Explorer and wondered if I had gone mad. What about the Firefox users out there? Second comment, why the fuck would anybody choose computer programming as a career? It has to be the profession with the most bald people as I was on the brink of ripping every hair out when I took every route possible for this “grey box” to disappear and I still have yet to succeed. Anyways, just venting a frustration and looking to see if I’m the only one seeing this fucking thing.

14. Admit it, none of you muthafuckas have a clue what’s goin’ on in The Association. Well, I’ll be your correspondent and get you in the game.

The National Basketball Association…Where Amazing Happens.

The Ol’ Hardwood

  • J.Kidd is desperately wanting to leave N.J. It’s even gotten to the point where he called in sick to the game against N.Y. as an F.U. to Rod Thorne. Wonder where he’ll go?
  • The Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat made a deal to send Shaq Diesel to the Land of the Big Sun in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. This one came out of left field for sure. I’m lovin’ the deal, but Suns basketball will have to be radically different. There is no way Shaq can get up and down the court like they do in their current system. However, if it all blends well, there’ll likely be a trophy headed that way sometime soon.
  • The Lakers are the surprise team of the year and are competing for the best record in the West which speaks volumes. Then they took a huge hit with the youngster Andrew Bynum going down with an injury. Just the other day they picked up Spain’s one and only Pau Gasol. Wicked nice move and should solidify the gap in the lineup. Assuming they maintain the same pace, I call Kobe grabbing the MVP trophy. The guy deserves it with a capital ‘D’. Unrelenting and dominant in every aspect of the game.
  • Do you guys truly realize how special the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record is? The Celtics were trying hard to be the first team to either match or break that, but then they took a 4-game slide and I highly doubt it’ll happen. They did steal one game against the Bobcats on a ridiculous inbounds play. All Charlotte had to do was get the ball in and they would’ve won…you can watch and see what happened. However, that came back to bite them when they went down to Orlando where the magic was sprinkled on Hedo’s hand in the last second. One more loss during the rest of the year? Yeah right.



  • D-Wade is in the All-Star starting lineup. Bullshit. I know it is a popularity contest and all that, but the injustice is never acceptable. Although his team is pathetic at best, at least he played during the first half, unlike a few years ago when Vincanity was voted to the starting lineup despite being injured the whole first half. Come on fans, check yourself.
  • The Slam Dunk Contest is going to bring something nobody around the league has every seen before. I promise you this. If you watch Jamario Moon’s behind the scenes tape, it shows the takeoff of what is an incredible dunk. I’ll clue you in…look where his feet are when the camera is directed toward the floor. I’m willing to bet there will be something even more insane than that…which is ridunkulous to even ponder.


  • The dunk lineup has stacked up nicely, but I’m still waiting on James White to participate and take the show to the next level. The man has wicked skills in the jam session. Between the legs from the free throw line. Are you serious?
  • Was it me who wrote in a post before the season that my Finals prediction was the Spurs vs. the Heat? Way off on that one. The Heat, oops! Couldn’t have been more wrong on that one.


This is not from an NBA game, but has to go down as the greatest comeback in a basketball game ever. Watch this and see how amazing it really is. Bananas!


15. Aaron Karo is coming to The Punchline on February 17th. In all the years that I lived in Atlanta, I never met a single person who attended a show at The Punchline. Guess they get crowds since they have been in business and drawing big names for a long time, but who the hell are the people who go there. Guess it’s just the Sandy Springs crowd. By the way, did Sandy Springs ever secede from Fulton County like they planned on doing a few years back? Well, regardless of that, perhaps you can make Karo’s show your first visit to this ever-allusive Punchline place.

16. Get your laugh on over at the Audio Comedy Archives.

17. Check out the biggest pencil ever made. Sketchin’ in at 76 feet long and 22,000 pounds. Comprised of 8,000 Douglas Fir boards, a 10-inch graphite core, and a 200-pound rubber eraser. I won’t take credit for this comment, but I read on some guy’s blog that Lee Corso probably had a giant orgasm when he read the news. Hilarious. Oh yeah, the pencil is so big that it appears on satellite images. Crazy. Let me guess…someone has too much free time on his hands.

Big Fuckin’ Stick O’ Lead

18. This post directed to Khun Ree. After you left at the “new” O’Malley’s (lame!) the other nite, Billy and Phil came rolling in and here is what developed. They forgot who I was…again. I’ve met these guys on no less than 10 occasions and they introduce themselves every single time. I mean seriously, I have two full sleeves, I’m not that hard to forget. If you forget my name, fine; but forgetting in the manner of introducing yourself like you have never seen me before means they’re morons. They started talking about the Super Bowl and Phil commented “I could be a wide receiver.” Really? This guy is 5’10” and 175 at most. Fuck no you couldn’t my friend. You’d get your ass handed to you in one down and it’d be season over. What a joke. The only entertaining thing that came out of talking to these two tools was a conversation about Buster Bloodvessel from Bad Manners which was entertaining as I hadn’t thought about him in a long time. Now there lies an individual who could play NFL football. Easily. Thanks for saying I was on your trivia team which awarded me a free Guinness in an over-sized beer mug that was designed for either getting plastered within a few drinks or as the perfect weapon in a barroom brawl. Cheers!

19. To the shock of everyone, Heath Ledger passed away on January 22nd. I didn’t see too many of his films, but I did see Brokeback Mountain which is absolutely phenomenal and easily ranked in my top five movies from 2005. Lords of Dogtown was also well done, however the true documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys is far superior. Guess everyone is still wondering exactly what the circumstances are surrounding his death. Seems to be a lot of questions still at hand. R.I.P.

20. You know you want to listen to the amazement that is the Keller Williams Incident. Don’t resist. You can stream it if you’d like, but, since it’s free, you might as well grab a copy.

Master of Multi-Instrumentation

21. I installed Leopard on my Mac last week. I had the upgrade disc for a month or so, but was fearful to install it since I thought it would conflict with the illegal software that I run. I was also getting a prompt stating that I had to have Tiger to install it even though already had that. Anyways, put the disc in last week, got the prompt to go away, installed it, and then I ogled over how nice everything looks and celebrated the fact that it didn’t destroy any of my software.


22. You might’ve saw two Top Rankin Hi-Fi 2007 year-end lists on this page. Found some choice selections that I forgot about, Blue Scholars, Brazil 70 Vol.2, Gallows, that were worthy of a revision.

23. Current Listening:

  • Nickodemus – Endangered Species/Remixed
  • Various Artists – Cafe Del Mar: Oriental Mix
  • Blu – Below The Heavens
  • Giant Panda – Fly School Reunion
  • Visioneers – Dirty Old Hip-Hop
  • DJ Alibi – One Day
  • The La Discotheque Ideale Soul 10-Disc Box Set
  • Soul Jazz Records – Saturday Night Fish Fry
  • Asa – Self-Titled
  • Alton Ellis – Cry Tough
  • Portishead – Live at All Tomorrow’s Parties:12.08.2007
  • Keller Williams Incident – Live at Bonnaroo: 06.21.2002
  • Cheikh N’digel Lo – Lamp Fall
  • Merle Haggard – If I Could Only Fly/Roots Vol.1
  • Cookin’ On 3 Burners – Baked, Broiled, and Fried
  • The Revolutionaries – Roots Man Dub
  • Ella Fitzgerald – Sings The Cole Porter Songbook
  • Fela Anikulapo Kuti – Expensive Shit/I.T.T.
  • The Avett Brothers – Mignonette
  • Farid – Crowd Control
  • The Slackers – Wasted Days
  • Tommy Guerrero – Return of the Bastard
  • Clutchy Hopkins – Walking Backwards
  • Yesterdays New Quintet – Elle’s Theme/Ahmad Miller Set

24. Big ups to Alton Ellis aka The Soul Of Jamaica.

Alton Ellis

25. How dope is the image below? Esperanza…nuff style fi di wardrobe.

The Hope

26. I checked out the video on Esperanza’s blog of Michael Lee doing an American Idol audition. He’s got a nice voice for sure and I wish him good luck. A few comments regarding that guy though.

  • His name is Michael Lee, yet the prompt says Michael Johns. Huh?
  • Remember him calling John Fuoco a dog fucker. So funny. I still don’t understand where that came from, but it’s classic.
  • Classic story involving him, myself, and Rob Hood was one night after going out we were in a cab headed home and Rob and I were talking about pulling the move of telling the cabbie that we didn’t have any cash, so we’d have to go inside the house and grab some money then come back and pay. Except we’d tell him to park on Calhoun Street and then jump the fence over to Lynch Street and disappear into the house and he’d never know where we went. We clued Mike in on the whole thing, so when the cab stopped, Rob and I got out, Mike apparently didn’t get all the instructions and remained seated, and we told the guy we’d be back. The plan phenomenally backfired when the cabbie locked all the doors with Mike inside. We sorta walked behind some house and stood there a minute and, who do we see rounding the corner after a couple minutes, the fucking GT police. Shit. So we came out and just played it off like we weren’t trying to pull anything and handed over the cash and got the fuck out of there. Still had to climb over the fence though as walking around the block would have surely given away our intentions.

27. What’s the adjective to describe this here billfold that I wish to replace the 11-year-old tiger-striped one that was stolen from me?….Money, of course!

Fat Pockets

28. The new Stones Throw DVD In Living The True Gods is coming out on February 12th. Definitely have to find some way to check this one out, but I reckon it’ll be a while before that happens. Peep it if you get the chance.

Dope Reels

29. Check out an ATL Drumline performing during a rainout of the Braves v. BoSox game at Turner Field last year. This shit is fucking bangin’!


30. I know the average temperature around these parts fluctuates between lows of 75F to highs of 95F, but I’ve been eyein’ the jacket sported below ever since the first time I saw it in the shop. Boss threads! A.D.I.D.A.S…All Day I, Dream About…Suitin’ up in this jacket when I’m actually in a suitable climate for it.


31. So, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m moving to Phang Nga. That means no television and no Internet. Television?…whatever. Internet?…I’d certainly like to have access, just have to check the possibilities first. I’ll be able to connect at work, but the content here will likely be slowing down for a little while. Surely don’t be afraid to keep checking though. Till the next time, keep it sabai sabai.

32. I spent most of my time here in Phuket without a camera after someone stole it from my room. Huge loss and hopefully I’ll be able to remedy that void sometime in the near future. The result? No pictures from The One Nero about life in Thailand. Well I guess there were some, but then I deleted them from the server and they were subsequently stolen from me. Anyways, I’ll leave you with a stellar set from Khun Ree at LCS Photography. Sawatdee khap.

The Hills of Phuket


Brew Dogs At Kata Surf Contest

Aye-yai-yai, Aye-yai-yai

Vegetarian Festival In The Heart of Phuket Town

Loy Krathong Festival on Patong Beach

The One Nero Silhouette Against The Andaman Skies

NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest
Rim Rockers

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