Wareika Hill Sounds

The mighty Calvin ‘Bubbles’ Cameron offers blazing grounation roots reggae on the Wareika Hill Sounds pressing. Inspiring heady sounds from the drums and trombone master who played with Tommy McCook, counted Don Drummond as a neighbor, was a veteran of Count Ossie’s Mystical Revelation of Rastafari and Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks’ and The Light Of Saba groups. The latter of which joins in on this album to serve up an overload of repeta and funde drum patterns, mystical chanting and trombone action, with additonal horn lines from ‘Deadley’ Headley Bennett and David Madden. The encompassing vibe here is simply awesome.

“I was born and grew up in D’Aguilar Town, Eastern Kingston, at the foot of Wareika Hill. I came up playing with both Tommy McCook’s Supersonics group at Treasure Isle and The Skatalites at Studio One. I was the first trombonist of Count Ossie’s Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari and my first popular instrumental was “Lambs Bread Collie”, which I recorded with The Light Of Saba. So we play, so we learn, melodies and sound go on and on, the limit of Jah is unquestionable…”

Wareika Hill Sounds – Self-Titled; Honest Jon’s, 2007

Wareika Hill Sounds

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