Waves and Vibes

Headed down to Phuket over the weekend to relax and take care of some errands. Hit up Ska Bar on Kata Yai on Saturday night for some drinks by the shore. Lucky I did ’cause I was handed a flyer for a free Job2Do show and BBQ in Nai Harn the following day. Word!

The rain had come in during the past week, however none of that was present on Sunday. Made the usual trip to Kata Noi to chill on the beach and go for a swim. Kept the swimming hella shallow ’cause the waters were ridiculously rough and swimming in deeper areas would have been incredibly ill-advised. Grabbed a brew at Small Viewpoint Pub while watching the sunset. Then made my way over to Reggae Bar in Nai Harn for the vibes.

The scene was chill as usual. Couple local musicians played acoustic sounds early in the evening while people filtered in. Tai Sawan came on to kill a mostly-instrumental set of Latin-injected Reggae jams. Job2Do joined Tai Sawan after that to offer their standard set of chilled-out reggae cuts. Last up was Som Rom Band who I had never heard before. Their set included original compositions and covers of Skatalites tunes such as “Simmer Down”, “Latin Goes Ska” and “Freedom Sounds”. What! They murdered their set and let it be known why they were not the headliners, but were the last band to play anyways. The only downfall was that they had to end. Then again it was also 2:00 in the morning and the night had been going since 7:00.

All in all, it was a great evening. Drank way too many Tigers. Ate some delicious kebabs. Saw some old friends from the Phuket days. Missed the morning bus back to Phang Nga. Missed work. Felt like shit from my hangover. Caught a few snapshots with my friend’s camera to post here.

Can’t wait for the next time…then again most of the shows around here are either word of mouth or only locally advertised with simple flyers. The number of times I’ve found out about a show, that I would have certainly attended, after it had already happened is way too many to count in my days here in Thailand. What can I say, it’s a different style.

Relaxing out in the Kata Headlands, Phuket

Kata Headlands

Rough waters at Kata Noi, Phuket

Rough Waters of Kata Noi

Certainly a Possible Scenario


Sunset while sippin’ a Tiger at Small Viewpoint Pub

Sunset at Small Viewpoint Pub

Reggae + Ska + Nai Harn + Beer + BBQ + Free = Awesome!

Reggae and BBQ

Hangin’ Out at Reggae Bar, Nai Harn

Reggae Pub, Nai Harn

Juxtaposition? Thai Rasta Wearing a Phi Delta Theta rush shirt

YOU are in a frat?

Reggae Rider Phuket……Killer Jacket!

Awesome Biker Jacket

Job2Do & Tai Sawan Spreading the Good Vibes

Job2Do & Tai Sawan

Som Rom Band straight outta Songkhla. Soot Yot!

SomRom Band

Ska Bar, Kata, Phuket, Thailand  x  Esperanza, ATL, GA, U.S.A.

Esperanza Inna Fine Style

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