What’s Gonna Be Next For Me?

Finished working at the Phuket Gazette on Saturday the 15th. It’s moving on to the next endeavor, whatever & whenever & wherever that might be remains uncertain as I write this.

In celebration of me leaving my job, I finally utilized the ghetto kitchen of mine to cook a somewhat mediocre penne pasta dish which was complemented by some bread and my first Guinness in seven months. After cooking nearly every single day for the past five years or so, it was therapeutic in a sense to just listen to some vibes and prep a meal.

I honestly lost myself for a moment and thought I was back at 1041, and thought I was gonna ‘round the corner and see The One EK watching Six Feet Under. Had to shut my eyes and snap back to reality. Delicious meal and I’ve taken advantage of the kitchen almost everyday since last weekend, but there is still a ways to go before a proper kitchen is in line.

Top Five Items At Publix That I Miss

  1. Sierra Nevada IPA
  2. Morningstar Crumbles
  3. Cheese: Garden Jack and Sharp Cheddar
  4. Classico Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic Sauce
  5. Arnold 12-Grain Bread

My Beloved IPA. I Miss You!

None Shall Escape The Judgement
Got a Fork?

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