What’s on the Tube?

There ain’t too much on the TV round these parts but Boomerang from Cartoon Network remains one of my favorites. No Adult Swim cause I think the humor might go directly over the Thai mindset, but it sure is funny as hell to watch The Flinstones or The Jetsons in Thai language. I think satellite TV picks up Cartoon Network, but I don’t know if they air all the AdultSwim stuff. “The Never Ending Paaaarty”…..fucking hilarious, and I’d link it up for you on YouTube, but I can’t. Just type in: Robot Chicken Never Ending Party and proceed to laugh your ass off.

The top programming here in no particular order includes Real Madrid TV (went on top of the league over the weekend in one hell of a thriller against Espanyol, they were down 0-3 after 33 mins with a hat trick coming from the feet of Padiani, and then they stormed back and took the lead in the 87th minute…nice!), SuperSport networks; both of which air tons of Spanish League futbol and English Premier League football respectively, FA Cup final is this Saturday and I got ManU winning 2-0: “soccer” has become my new favorite sport, but that largely revolves around the fact that it is the only sport I really have access to for watching live. Unless you count the International Badminton Tournament or Pole Vaulting Competition I was watchin the other day.

What else? Fashion TV, seriously, I remember being in Miami for Traffic and seeing this at some club and thinking it was rather humorous to just show catwalks all day long, but I watch this quite a bit cause it has two key elements.

1. Women who are fit on the highest order
2. Pretty dope music that mostly leans toward the house style genre.

BBC World, some movie channel (TopGun was on the other nite and I was loving it), TITC which is some entertainment type channel, other crap that is basically worthless, and a whole bunch of Thai stations that are fun just to listen to for a while to realize how difficult it is going to be to get a stronghold on this language. Anywho, next station please….

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