Where’s Jason Thurman?

Anybody seen Jason Thurman around? I was reading something about the DKD posse the other day and was thinking about him. What a cool motherfucker. Always on point in the chill department. Well, for the few of you that know him, tell him I said “Big ups” when you see him, perhaps at P’Cheen, and pass along my contact info while you’re at it.

Top Five Thurmanisms: (it should go without saying that these must be pronounced in the proper manner, not simply read verbatim)

  1. That’s What’s Up!
  2. Bananas Dog!
  3. Yes…Sir!
  4. Geee-uh!
  5. That’s Japanese air you’re breathin’ outta that box.

Honorable Mention: Yo Ryan, can I get like $5.00 of your high-grade dank from ya. Sure thing dude, here is 1/500th of an ounce. Much love Capt. Funkaho, you’ll always be dope in my book.

Congrats to the Esperanza Crew
Moving On...

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