Wherever the Bus Stops

Teaching English in Thailand. Guess I could talk forever on that, but I really enjoy teaching. The people here are wonderful, and my altruistic personality just fits nicely in the classroom. The course ends on Friday and I have no idea where in the world I am going to end up.

The Thai government is making it absolutely miserable for expats nowadays after the Jon Benet Ramsey shit last year. I still lack the BA, and despite having job prospects respond with “you have all the credentials necessary, and we would love to hire you, but we can’t get you a work permit without that paper”. So, it’s an “it’s them not us” kinda thing. I might have a job lined up right above the fuckin school I am going to which is kinda funny, but I suppose I could dig stayin’ in Phuket for a while longer. I haven’t even explored hardly anything in this area. Too much going on to just roam around for the last month.

My other idea which I think I am going to move forward with is Chengdu, China. Located in the heart of the mainland at the foothills of the Himalayas, and bustling just like every other Chinese metropolis. Well, I’ll certainly let you guys know where I end up. Other resumes have gone to Makassa, Indonesia; Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam; some city, Korea; Jakarta, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand…and other places. Yeah, so where the bus stops is where I’ll get off.

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