Who is Clutchy Hopkins?

Clutchy Hopkins is my shit right now!!! Started investigating this guy after his tapes were handed over to Ubiquity and I gotta say that the man lays down some of the fucking illest riddims ever. There is so much misinformation out there concerning his identity and when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, you gotta figure the shit is fabricated. Who knows? If not, then he is the new Jandek, and he completely puts Jandek to shame in terms of music output and his seclusive nature.

Check his biography over at MySpace, as well as the video documentaries. One that recounts the whole disappearance story and other from an unidentified Latino who chilled out with Clutchy and dined on some Mexican food together. The release that drops in early 2008 is gonna be some absolutely groundbreaking material.

Skeptics out there have put forth the idea that Clutchy Hopkins is actual just an alias for one of the following: DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Percy Crimmons, Money Mark, someone from The Beastie Boys, Greyboy, or Madlib. I personally think that it’s either Cut Chemist or none of the ones listed.

I prefer to believe the original story as it’s too damn intriguing to just put to rest and forget about. Son of a Motown session player who studied the rhythms of silence with Rinzai Zen monks in Japan, mastered body movement and sound relation through Raja Yoga in India, became a political revolutionary and gun-running rebel against Nigerian apartheid while perfecting his percussion skills in Lagos with Oba-lu-Funke, searched for the perfect tree in the High Sierra, then lived in underground caves in the Mojave. Intriguing doesn’t half describe it.

Musically, I’ve provided the link to the MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins release, there are a couple of other full tracks on the MySpace player, the soundtrack to the documentary has some ill beats from him laced throughout, and the site allows you to stream 1-minute samples of the untitled 12-track release. The Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi endorses all of the material and highly recommends you listen up.

Diggers never sleep & Sleepers never dig!

Clutchy Hopkins Is The Fucking Bombskillet!

7. Gotta give the respect to Ubiquity Records again.

Upcoming releases that are gonna be downright filthy include:

Connie Price and the Keystones – Untitled: The debut album is wicked tight and if you ad MCs into the mix, they’re gonna destroy the platter.

Bobby Matos – The Best of Bobby Matos: All of the stuff I have by him is the jam, so compiling a hits compilation will definitely not disappoint.

Eugene Blacknell – We Can’t Take Life For Granted: don’t know about the guy but he’s all about powerhouse funk from the East Bay which makes him dope in my book.

Super California Soul Vol.2: The first compilation was killer and I have little doubt that this one is exactly the same. The desert-sand colored shirt is also key.

Orgone – Untitled: The two 7”s are fucking boss. Comprised of members from Connie Price and The Keystones and Breakestra. What the fuck else do you want?

Ohmega Watts – Untitled: The Find was my favorite hip hop album of 2005. Lightheaded’s Wrong Way is perhaps my most coveted hip hop wax since Bizarre Ride II. I expect the next release to smash up the scene just like Ohmega Watts always does. Ya dun know? Check it.

Choices Vol.1: The first track “Think” sounds like some filthy rocksteady featuring Noelle Davis from The Rebirth. This Journey In from The Rebirth is absolutely brilliant in realm of Neo Soul. None of the material on that album compares to the rocksteady groove laid on this track though. Also, features a little sneak preview into the Connie Price album with a Percee P track. Hipster Wonkaz, the sample doesn’t do this track justice in the least bit. I imagine the full track is bangin’.

Clutchy Hopkins: Get in the game motherfucker. What you know about Clutchy? Mad ill beats.

What else can I say? Ubiquity Records has been blowing my mind for the better part of a decade. I have almost the entire catalog and can’t wait to add all of the above titles to it. No label in the world can fuck with Ubiquity’s style.

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