Why I’m Elated. Why I’m Miserable.

Elated. Just got my hands on Art Class: Masterpieces from the Soul-Cal and Now-Again Catalogs and Science Class: Heavy Funk and Raw Disco Soul from Soul-Cal and Now-Again. Awesome.

Miserable. 4 days of a body temperature of 40.4ËšC (104.72ËšF). The highest fever I’ve ever had inclusive of teeth-chattering cold spells helped with layers of clothing, then drenched clothes from uncontrollable sweating, inability to balance, periods of delusions and slight hallucinations, and an overall feeling of what the fuck is happening to my body. As if that doesn’t royally suck enough, I was diagnosed with severe tonsillitis (my throat looks like it’s filled with cotton balls) also preventing me from being able to swallow. Consuming food – impossible. Consuming liquids – painful as a motherfucker. My natural saliva process – inoperative. Two days of antibiotics and the doctor said nothing changed. It’s a new antibiotic for the next 24 hours and if nothing changes it’s to the hospital for IV treatments for two days. Fuck me.

On another note, I’m seeing real patterns in life in Thailand. Things operate cyclically and not in a voluntary manner. There is something higher taking place. Started my job here in Phang Nga, worked one day, then ended up in the hospital for a week. Quit the same job on Tuesday, exactly one year to the day from when the program I started was initiated and here I am possibly headed to the hospital again. What the hell? (…that’s not the only example)

One more thing, the health care system in Thailand is one of best perks of living here. All the treatments, injections and two antibiotics, cost me $14.00. For the antibiotic that wasn’t effective, the doctor said to just bring them back and he gave me the new pills for free. Not to mention, he reopended his shop after hours to assist me, then found out my landlord is his good friend and secretly called her, after which she showed up at my house with soup and snacks (none of which I could consume, but it’s the thought that counts). There is a different view about medicine in Thailand. It’s this crazy idea of putting healing patients above making a profit. I can think of one country that needs to figure that out.

Lastly, the swine flu jokes came left and right on this one. The retort. Impossible: The One Nero nah consume the filth of pork. “And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase.” Deuteronomy 14:8

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