Why I’m Improving

As mentioned in the post below, this past week saw me fall into the well of sickness with no rope out. Until yesterday that is. I’m improving as I write this thanks to that wonderful chemical structure below, known as Azithromycin.

I also mentioned that the doctor prescribed an initial antibiotic that didn’t do anything and when I went for a checkup he just switched the medicine for no charge. Gonna find that practice many places?

How bout this one. When I went back today to get another checkup and to inform him that the second medicine was working, he said “Great! Your throat is terrible, so you’ll need another box of the antibiotics for 6 days instead of 3.” Okay, no problem, I replied. And how much is the cost? “Nothing. Get well soon.”, he said. Really?, I asked. “Really! Take care.”

Well, that one left me a bit floored honestly. Any readers live in a place where a doctor would do that same thing? I’m doubting it.


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