You Want Dead?

Some foolish individual decided to fuck with the Top Rankin’ Hi-Fi yesterday afternoon by stealing my iBook, my camera, and 2000 baht from my apartment. The manhunt begins this evening with a friend of mine at the police station.

While most people know me as being one of the nicest people they’ve ever met, the motherfucker who did this will know me as the most devilish “farang” he’s ever met. Looks like I’m gonna have to turn a two-face and draw my inspiration from The One Ivan Rhygin.

“You want dead?, I’ll kill you, bloodclot. Don’t! Fuck! With! Me!” as I slice the gash’s throat to shreds.

I’ll leave out most details for now since I’m hoping that tonite will produce some answers, a criminal, and, if I’m lucky, my fucking possessions.

The Goldbrick will prevail despite the knock down, but it’ll be minus a shitload of pictures since I deleted them all in the anticipation of the site relaunch. Fucking hell.

The Guns of Kingston

Dragons and Drums
The Thailand Blotter Pt.1

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