YouTube Banned….Fuck!

YouTube has been banned here in Thailand since the beginning of April which is fucking bullshit!!! Where am I gonna watch the Dwight Howard sticker dunk over and over and over. Or watch Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes. Or the nine million other glorious time wasting, but purely gratifying video reels. Guess nowhere until that ban gets lifted. If it ever will.

The reason the site got banned is that somebody posted a video depicting the King’s image getting defaced with a pair of shoe prints on his head. It is against the law to speak negatively about the King or to deface any picture of him. Jails sentences can be given to individuals, and even as of March of this year, a Swiss man in Chiang Mai went on a drunken rampage and was spray painting all the public pictures of the King. He got 20 years in prison, but the King pardoned him about a month later. I think the prison sentence is becoming a bit relaxed for those offense, but you’d be a goddamn fool to walk around spittin’ out hatred for the King around here. The Thai people literally love this man.

Anywho, the soles of peoples’ feet are considered offense to Buddhists while the top of the head is considered sacred. So, there you have it, some fuck vents his anger on YouTube, and now I can’t watch Larry David’s antics or my NBA folk doing some rim-rockin madness. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

Latest update includes the video being removed, but the Thai government wants to press charges against YouTube for ‘lese majeste’ even though they don’t understand that it isn’t the company who is to blame for the video. They simply host the files.
Whateva. I’ll keep it in my bookmarks until the unveiling arrives and I rejoice.

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